HotelHoppers will help you find a list of active travellers in search for a room and a good deal tonight!

 So what exactly is it?

We provide last minute auction platform for unsold hotel rooms for tonight and tomorrow.

Which means,we match last minute travellers in your city with your empty rooms in real-time.

 How does it work?

Register as an accommodation provider and set a bidding price for your unsold room. This price would not be visible to the travellers, it is only used to match requests with potential offers.

We help fix those bad business days by giving you the access to customers from a list of active requests in your area. So, give your best offer for a 100% occupancy.

Hotels do not to have to worry about no show or cancellations: travellers can book rooms only for today or tomorrow.

Benefits for HOTELS

No obligation to reserve rooms         

Hotelhoppers does not require to reserve rooms especially for our platform. We are here to help you sell your unbooked rooms for tonight and tomorrow.

Your offer price is not displayed to public

Your bidding price is a secret one time deal which does not impose any obligation to offer the same price next time. Therefore, we do not let the price impact your brand.

No cancellation policy               

Given the facts that it is a last minute deal and the posibility to book is available with only 24h in advance, we do not allow cancellations.

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